Autograph Authentication Terms and Conditions


(This is optional but recommended)

Place a sticky note on your items with the name of signer and an arrow pointing to where you would like the sticker to be placed.



Both letters and encapsulations have to be completed at PSA headquarters and will arrive to you separately. All encapsulation items must be individually toploaded and labeled and a typed list must be provided. All items that are not toploaded, labeled and listed will be charged a preparation fee that includes the purchase of the appropriate toploaders.



We take payments in Checks (Checks must clear before your items are shipped back to you), Zellepay, Paypal, and Credit card with fees covered. By mailing us the items you are agreeing to pay any authentication fees that are associated with submitting your items for authentication. Any items with authentication fees that are unpaid within 21 days of Golden State Memorabilia requesting payment in writing will be absorbed into Golden State Memorabilia’s inventory.




Should your items not pass authentication, you will be issued a rejection letter from Golden State Memorabilia to indicate so. Authentication fees for Items that fail authentication will not be refunded. If your item is deemed inconclusive (not pass nor fail) you will be given credit for the item(s) that can be used for future submissions with us.



When local pickup doesn’t apply and your items need to be shipped. We will let you know your authentication results and you will be asked to pay for shipping and handling for your item(s) to be mailed back to you. We accept return shipping labels but will not be taking mailed in stamps or postage to be returned. If your item is shipped in and it does not make it in time for the submission, you can pay to have the item returned and use your fee as credit with us for future submissions, or we can keep the item and submit it during the next submission.



We are not responsible for any items lost or damaged at any point. We are not responsible for any damage to items during the authentication process. By sending us items for authentication you are taking any and all responsibility for loss or damage to the items you are sending in during transit and the authentication process. If mailing, we would advise that you mail your items with protection, what that means to us is a photo sent in an appropriate sized toploader, cards sent in toploaders, basketballs in bags etc.